What is Crowdvoicing?

Nov 18. 2016

RingLeader is the world’s first crowdvoicing™ platform. But what is crowdvoicing™?

We would like to introduce a revolutionary new concept called crowdvoicing™ that we believe will change the way leaders of small teams interact with the world. Crowdvoicing™ is a method of pushing out “just in time” phone service to your crowd. We are confident that this newfound ability of giving “just in time” communication to groups will have a profound impact across major industries.

We developed the RingLeader app based around the belief that groups can achieve their goals easier when they have a collective voice. Whether it’s used for activism, business, a fundraiser, or any group event, the RingLeader app will allow group leaders to push out “just in time” phone service to their crowds so their voices are heard.

So what will RingLeader mean to YOU? 

Picture this: You have an idea, a call-to-action and a ring of people you trust who are ready to move the idea forward to your objective. Rings of people motivated by novel ideas, a winning vision and talented resources certainly are key ingredients to mobilizing toward your goal. But just how fancy ingredients don’t cook themselves into a great meal without a chef – great ideas don’t propel crowds of people into one coordinated voice without a leader. The RingLeader app gives leaders the ability to rally together a dedicated group and utilize crowdvoicing™ to help achieve their goal.

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