What is Social Communications?


What is Social Communications?

A Social Communications platform such as the RingLeader App is the combination of Social Messenger features with Unified Communications features. It is the ability to chat, message, and send files, along with business class telecom features that you would normally see in a a robust phone system such as Custom Caller ID, Call Transferring, and Extensions.


social communications What is Social Communications?


The RingLeader mobile app is the first of its kind. Users can stay in touch with friends and family and run their small business all from one platform. To become a user of the RingLeader mobile app, you can download the app on the Apple App store or Google Play and then select a subscription plan. Plans start as low as $14.99/month. The RingLeader mobile app can run on Wifi, 3G, 4G, or the 5G network and can work across multiple countries in North America.


Who can benefit from Social Communications?

Social Communications has been engineered specifically for families and small business owners.

Families can stay in touch no matter where they are in North America by calling and texting over the internet. This is an effective way to avoid international calling charges and outdated calling cards. 

Small business owners can also benefit from Social Communications because they can use it to run their small business. Small business owners can create their custom caller ID, use fax to email, transfer calls, record calls, and more all from the mobile app itself. 


How is Social Communications different than Unified Communications?

Social Communications is Unified Communications with added Social Messaging features. Instead of this just being a platform to run your small business, you can also chat and share pictures with your friends and family no matter where they are in the world. 

Other Unified Communications platforms don’t give you that kind of flexibility. These are often rigid organizations with long term contracts. The RingLeader mobile app is different. It has subscriptions starting as low as $14.99/month without a contract.


How is Social Communications different than Social Messaging?

Social Communications is Social Messaging with added Unified Communications features. Social Communications on the RingLeader mobile app allows you to run your business on it because you get real phone numbers. Yes, that’s right. On the RingLeader mobile app you can have up to 2 different phone numbers. This means that if you travel back and forth often to New York City and Mexico City, you can have a local phone number for both.

Other Social Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp don’t give their users real phone numbers. Therefore both users must have the app installed in order to call each other. With the RingLeader mobile app, non-users and other app users alike can call you from the app, a landline, a satellite phone or just about anything that can make a phone call.


How can you get started with Social Communications?

Getting started with Social Communications on the RingLeader mobile app is easy. When the mobile app is released simply download the app, select a payment plan, and invite your friends. It’s that simple. 

0 What is Social Communications?
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