Why Group Texting Just Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

There are thousands of group texting mobile apps. From Facebook messenger to GroupMe and WhatsApp, everyone with a smartphone has likely used a group texting app at some point in their life.  Using group texting apps have made sense for a long time for a lot of reasons. Group texting apps are free, simple to use, and allow people to avoid costly international SMS charges when communicating with their global network. 

But as our technology continuously improves and new solutions arise, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that group texting apps just aren’t cutting it anymore. We’ve identified these following industries where group texting just isn’t cutting it anymore. Read through this list and then tell us what you think!


1. Business Collaboration

Businesses everywhere are loving Slack. Slack is a mobile and web app that allows business to create groups specifically for different projects and then gives those groups an independent space to collaborate. We think this org structure is great, it facilitates collaboration by only having essential personnel in the group and gives the users the ability to quickly and easily share files. However there is a huge piece missing. There is no native phone integration.

Instead of having an internal communication system like slack in addition to a phone subscription, you can just consolidate the two together with the RingLeader Crowdvoicing platform.


2.  Event Management

When managing an event, communicating with your group via a group texting app can seem like an effective way to keep everyone connected. However, there are a lot of shortcomings as well. First, you and your group will likely be limited to chatting and VoIP calls with other users within the app. This means that communicating with external users will often require them to download the app and join the group that you’re already in.

This may still work well for groups that solely need a solution for intra-team communication, but to have the ability to promote your event live, with an external audience, group texting apps fall short.

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3. Summer trips

Surely Group Texting apps thrive in an environment where it’s just you and your friends chatting back and forth, right? Well not necessarily.

With Group Texting apps, you’re missing out on a lot of useful features that can improve your communication with your friends such as mapping user geo-location, creating hunt groups, and social media integration to seamlessly upload pictures and videos to facebook and twitter. Crowdvoicing has these features and more and is a suitable solution for groups looking to get the maximum engagement from their group on their summer trip.

Even in situations where external communication isn’t essential, group texting apps are causing you to miss out on key functionality to help your group communicate effectively.


4. Volunteering

Utilizing group texting apps to plan and coordinate volunteer events omits key functionality that can help run the event more effectively. For example, instead of having an “HQ” team that answers desk phones and takes donations and a “field” team that is on the ground running an event, you can actually just consolidate the two.

Having your field team and HQ team on one platform means better communication between your two teams and ultimately a better event. 

Group texting apps limit the users ability to organize themselves in sub-groups and keep their channels of communications separate from the rest of the app. With a Crowdvoicing solution like the RingLeader mobile app, users can instead create hunt groups, ie. inbound donation group, outbound calling group, field team, etc. and facilitate communication between the different groups while giving a moderator the ability to monitor usage and activity.



Effective group communication is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for any group looking to stay connected. Group texting alone just isn’t cutting it anymore. Instead, what’s needed is a fully featured communications platform that combines text, file sharing, GPS, and your phone system. This is where RingLeader’s Crowdvoicing platform comes in.

With the RingLeader mobile app, users can now enjoy the fully ease of use of group chat with the ability to make and receive phone calls from external users. We are confident that Crowdvoicing will emerge as an effective solution for group communication, especially since traditional phone carriers are still using the annual contract model on customers that are increasingly valuing flexibility.

To read more please visit: https://RingLeader.co/Enterprise.

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