Many people are surprised to hear that faxing is still used in 2019, however its popularity has increased, especially in eFaxing. But, isn’t it outdated? Why fax in this day and age? In fact, there are various aspects to faxing that are invaluable for people, especially those in business, and the rise of eFax services has only added to convenience.

Why Fax At All?

There are many reasons people still fax, so let’s cover a few of the most important ones.

  1. Faxing is much more affordable than other secure alternatives for transferring information. Sure, you can transfer your documents in some other way, but faxing remains the cheapest safe option, and there isn’t a need to use the more expensive alternatives. Finding the best eFax service for your company is cheap and reliable for all of your needs.
  2. Faxing is convenient. It doesn’t take long, and anybody can do it. Not to mention, with the online fax services now available, you can scan, copy, and send faxes from web-equipped devices, including smartphones.
  3. The paper-trail and transaction reports provided by faxing and eFaxing are crucial for any legal investigations. If you need to prove whether somebody sent out the information at the right time, or need to provide authorities solid proof of your business transactions, faxing will make the process much easier. Some of the best eFax service companies give you all the information and legal proof you need in seconds.

There are many other good reasons why people still use faxing today, including government support, comfort, and customer preference.

Why is Faxing on the Rise?

eFaxing is on the rise for a multitude of reasons. First, it has become more and more accessible to customers. Due to the higher demands over the years, fax machines are mass produced, which both reduces cost and puts them in more stores. In addition, more people now have access to computers and electronics than ever before, so, anybody can download the best eFax service applications to use at home or in the workplace, for little or no cost.

Faxing is also on the rise due to the simplicity. Both older and younger customers have no trouble learning to fax, and so most businesses use fax machines or eFax applications. Due to the simple nature of electronic faxing and the ease of online communication, modern companies use eFaxing for the majority of their transfers. The best eFax service applications are so simple a child could use them.

The greater internet use in society also increases the popularity of cloud faxing services. As internet use continues to grow, so does the eFax industry. Downloading the best eFax service application is crucial for companies, as the secure and simple cloud network for documents, as well as the quick ability to transfer from one computer to another, provides time and money savings for a business.

Overall, faxing remains a trusted, easy, and cheap method of document transfer, and the eFax industry is booming with the rise of accessibility, simplicity, and modern companies.