Why IT Managers Should Follow the Cloud



Why IT Managers Should Follow the Cloud


Let’s face it. IT Managers can be a serious bunch, and who can blame them? What falls on their shoulders is an expectation to not only see the future, but also build the future. Using terms and technology that many coworkers will never understand, IT managers anticipate needs across departments—marketing, accounting, sales, management, and more—often while the technology itself is only in its early testing stages.


To this end, cloud computing has swiftly become a game-changer for IT managers, providing companies of any size with low cost, high value solutions to enterprise communications. A few years ago, it was estimated that over 158.8 billion businesses worldwide would incorporate some sort of Cloud platform. Today, some experts estimate that upwards of 96% of businesses use cloud-based communications.


So, why follow the cloud?


Consider the costs–savings, that is.

“There are a lot of opportunities for savings using the dynamic nature of  the cloud, the ability to spin up resources easily and spin them back down,” reports Bill Hunt, Digital Services Expert, Office of Management and Budget. “This is where your savings are coming from.”  Especially for small businesses, where limited resources can hardware upgrades and installation expenses, cloud communications provide an efficient way to retain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Furthermore, its automation with features like edge traffic shaping, automated email and voicemail, and attendants bring a level of sophistication to businesses looking to expand into larger markets without the higher price tag.


More than able.

In addition, small to large businesses appreciate the flexibility, reliability, and scalability that unified cloud communications offer. Need a new application for your expanding business? No need to fill your shopping cart with expensive hardware solutions. As your business grows, your cloud can grow, and the same applies for its flexibility to downsize or restructure on the fly. IT departments can identify business needs and scale features with ease.


Reliability and Recovery. Disasters and crisis can buckle a company, often halting operations into a prolonged state of inertia. Many businesses in the wake of hurricanes or floods find themselves tethered to hardwired telephones and computers, shut-off from the world when disaster hits. RingLeader’s Enterprise-Connect provides disaster recovery protections that enable businesses to remotely access voicemail from email, automatically reroute calls to remote locations and cell phones, and seamlessly implement cloud-based attendants to take calls and provide current information. 


New horizons.

Finally, another reason to follow the cloud is simply because it’s going places. Cloud-based communications and protections have been on businesses’ wish lists for decades, and RingLeader is pleased to continue to meet their evolving needs. One such area is business messaging. We’re not talking texting as a wife texts her husband about dinner plans. Cloud-based communications has ushered in a new kind of messaging, one that facilitates collaborative workflows, and companies across the globe are adopting team messaging applications for this reason alone. One tech research firm reports that over 40% of companies worldwide have found remote workflow success in cloud-based business messaging.


With these kinds of statistics and an industry leader like RingLeader at the ready, the question to for today’s IT managers might be, Why not follow the cloud?

0 Why IT Managers Should Follow the Cloud
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