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Crowd-Connect for Crisis Management

Crowd-Connect for Crisis Management is an outbound conference calling platform that allows you to identify people in your network who can assist you in resolving a crisis. Crowd-Connect enables key stakeholders a platform for bringing the right mix of skillsets together to collaborate in a secure, voice-enabled conference just-in-time.

A crisis is a unexpected event that disrupts normal operations and has the potential to create operational, security, safety, and reputational harm. It can present complex threats and risks as well as the danger of the safety and well-being of people. Every stage of the crisis dictates the need for information and a timely response from domain experts.

The Crisis Lifecycle is the stages of a crisis from warning to recovery:

  • Warning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Response
  • Management
  • Resolution
  • Recovery

Crowd-Connect for Crisis Management is designed to improve Crisis Communication when the incident occurs, when the crisis escalates or de-escalates, when the crisis resolves, and also when the recovery is initiated.

Crowd-Connect for Crisis Management is a key component of the RingLeader CrowdVoicing platform. Crisis-Connect provides a means to communicate with your crowd and also with members of your network that may be outside your crowd.

Crowd-Connect for Crisis Management is used to enable communications identified in both Disaster Recovery and Communication Contingency plans toward rapid action and response.

Failover Icon 01 Crisis Connect Services
Failover Icon 01 Crisis Connect Services

Broadcast Urgent Message Service

Broadcast Urgent Message Service (BUMS) is an outbound telephone dialer that alerts large groups of predetermined users of an urgent event an allows the customer or contact to connect to a designated call center based on a menu of choices from an interactive voice response (IVR) system.

The BUMS platform also supports mass short message service (SMS) messaging and can send hundreds or thousands of SMS messages to a predetermined group of mobile phone users in the event of a crisis.

CrowdVoicing Continuity (for SIP customers)

CrowdVoicing Continuity for Enterprise SIP customers provides a backup phone system in the event of a communications contingency event.

If a customer’s network or facilities become inoperable, RingLeader’s CrowdVoicing Continuity Service can be activated to maintain corporate communications for the duration of the crisis. The CrowdVoicing Continuity platform uses any iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet device and can be distributed from a few to a few thousand users simultaneously. 

CrowdVoicing Continuity subscriptions require customer to be a RingLeader SIP customer and must be configured in advance.

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In the event of lost internet or SIP connectivity, seamlessly re-route inbound calls to a preconfigured number (cell phone, PTSN, other SIP location). 

Once your SIP is restored, our RedundaTrunks automatically route your incoming calls back to your original DID.

Pricing starts at $5.00/mo

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DR SureTrunk

RingLeader’s SIP solution for customers who need the option to failover from a PRI to a SIP Trunk in the event of lost connectivity. 

RingLeader’s DR Bundle includes:

  • 100 minutes per month
  • 1 DID
  • 2 call paths

Pricing starts at $40.00/mo

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