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Initiate a conference call

with up to 40 people, instantly.



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Initiate a conference call 

with up to 40 people, instantly.

Crowd-Connect™ allows RingLeaders to speak with their crowd at the push of a button. Move beyond Group Text and give the full benefits of Group Voice to your crowd.  Say goodbye to dialing. Say goodbye to entering PINs. Crowd-Connect™ initiates a voice-chat instantly!

With Crowd-Connect™, RingLeaders have the ability to initate a conference call with up to 40 people at once. All they have to do is pick up the phone.

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How it works

1. Login to the Crowd-Connect™ portal on your web browser

2. Enter and save the phone numbers of your Crowd

3. Schedule your conference call for the future or initiate it instantly

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