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Best SIP Trunk Provider for Your Business


SIP Trunk providers can save your business a lot of money and boost your productivity.

However, how to get the best SIP trunk provider from among hundreds of players in the industry is no simple task.


A report by Gartner showed that Network architects and procurement managers could leverage SIP Trunking services within their Enterprise communication solutions, resulting in a reduction of telecom expenses of up to 50%.


Choosing the best SIP Trunk provider from among the many SIP providers in the industry isn’t easy. We have compiled a list of the best SIP Trunk providers in the industry and provided tips on what to look for when choosing the best SIP Trunk provider for your business.


Benefits of a SIP Provider


Saves Your Business Money

SIP providers offer attractive pricing plans such as free international calls and charge per-user, helping your business identify and manage costs more efficiently. On average small businesses can save up to 90% on international calls and at least 40% on local calls.


Enhanced Communications Solutions

SIP Trunk services include enhanced communication solutions such as unified communications that provide voice and video under a single communication channel.


Easy to Scale and Integrate

It is usually challenging to update or add new users to traditional or regular phone systems. However, with SIP Trunking, adding new users into the phone system is easy and takes less time.


Increased Reliability

Traditional business phone solutions frequently encounter breakdowns caused by natural disasters such as floods, damaged poles, fires, among others. However, with SIP Trunks, your call can be forwarded or routed to other teams in a different location, ensuring your business continues to operate effectively.


Best SIP Trunk Providers

The best SIP Trunk provider can deliver quality SIP Trunk services at competitive prices. Here’s a list of the four best SIP Trunk providers for both small and large businesses.



Nextiva is a VoIP business phone solution provider that targets businesses through a wide range of communication solutions: chat, text, phone, video, CRM, surveys, analytics, and automation.


The Nextiva app has excellent features, such as:

  • Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android versions
  • Unlimited calling plans across the United States and Canada
  • Auto-attendant, Text messaging, and reporting.



8×8 offers businesses a variety of pricing plans and packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Among the services included in their basic packages is:

  • Unlimited calls to 14 countries
  • Allows BYOD (Bring Your Device)
  • Free calls across all 8×8 devices
  • Multimedia support; video conferencing, conference calling
  • Compliant with HIPAA, PCI, FISMA


What Makes RingLeader the Best SIP Trunk Provider?


RingLeader offers SIP Trunking services to businesses in multiple countries around the world. Our SIP Trunking voice services seamlessly integrate with your on-premise PBX without the need for additional hardware.


Internet Faxing

Our Carrier-Connect minutes’ service provides faxing in addition to voice. Our faxing service offers fax to email. However, fax to fax machine requires an adaptor to enable you to connect to the internet.


HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is compulsory for healthcare businesses and institutions. Non-compliance leads to hefty penalties for your organization. All of our SIP Trunking services are HIPAA compliant.


Secure Data Transmission

We provide end-to-end data encryption of all voice transmissions across our network and systems worldwide.


Business Continuity

We provide disaster recovery solutions to businesses enabling their business processes to continue in the event of disasters.


Click here to get more information on RingLeader’s SIP Trunking Solutions.


RingLeader’s CrowdVoice APP


RingLeader’s CrowdVoice app is an innovative mobile app that allows users to make and receive international phone calls, send and receive text messages, and data files from users across the world.


Below are some of the innovative features of the CrowdVoice App

  • Make and receive International calls across 24 countries.
  • Earn referral phone call credits for each successful referral
  • Get unlimited phone calls and messaging from users worldwide.
  • Get an international phone number from any country our services are available.


Got any more questions on the CrowdVoice app? Check out our FAQ section for more answers. Download the CrowdVoice app today and take advantage of our SIP trunking mobile solutions.

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