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The RingLeader App brings Unified Communications, Social Messaging, and International Coverage, all under one roof. Enable yourself to work more effectively anywhere in the world by joining the RingLeader movement!
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Business VoIP Phone Solutions 

VOIP Business VoIP Phone Solutions

The current pandemic has undoubtedly forced businesses to look for cloud-based solutions to enable teams to continue working remotely. Business VoIP phone service solutions are among the most sought after cloud-based solutions for businesses. 


Understanding VoIP and Business VoIP Solutions 

VoIP is an acronym that stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol.’ It refers to the technology that allows you to make phone calls over an internet connection instead of a regular, analog phone line. 


Therefore, we can say business VoIP phone solutions refer to telephone solutions developed to provide telephone services such as calling, receiving/sending messages to employees over an office IP data network. These telephone solutions include; HD Video, audio, web conferencing, chat, and a worldwide range of business features such as; auto-attendant, unlimited extensions, etc. 


Benefits of CrowdVoice’s VoIP Phone Service Solutions 

The CrowdVoice app is RingLeader’s mobile application developed to provide its customers with a worldwide range of business VoIP phone services. Here are some of its business VoIP phone solutions that you get.  


Cost Savings 

The CrowdVoice app allows its customers to call for free to other app users. Users can also request virtual numbers with country codes of their choices and get charged low rates when making international phone calls.  

 The CrowdVoice app is installed on your existing smartphone and runs on n both Android and iPhone versions. This eliminates the need for you to purchase additional phones or equipment to make and receive phone calls. 



With the CrowdVoice app, users can receive and make phone calls anywhere and from people without the CrowdVoice.  



Many businesses eventually grow as they take in more customers. The CrowdVoice app offers businesses different packages with a wide range of pricing plans, relevant to their needs. 


User Friendly 

The CrowdVoice app is user-friendly and can be used to manage a wide range of features and processes from your smartphone. 


Virtual Office 

The CrowdVoice app is a moving office with functions such as texting, faxing, and web conferencing, so that you’re always in touch with your customers and team members. 


Secure and Reliable 

The CrowdVoice app automatically encrypts all data traffic that travels across its network. Therefore, you’re assured your data is safe from identity theft and eavesdropping. 


Best Value for Money 

Our CrowdVoice app provides the best value for money among mobile apps, including allowing users to roll over the next month any unfinished credits, providing virtual numbers to users – enabling them to make international phone calls and getting charged very low call rates. 


Got questions on the CrowdVoice app? Check out our main FAQ section. 

Enjoy the benefits of a business VoIP phone service by downloading the CrowdVoice app today. 

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