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Cheapest SIP Trunk for Your Business


Businesses are continually looking for ways to reduce their communication expenses, and therefore phone solution provides with the cheapest SIP trunk are the most sought after. Cheapest SIP trunk solutions on the market are expected to provide businesses with all the required essential functions of a business phone solution at competitive prices.


What is SIP Trunking?


SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, a protocol that enables VoIP services to work. SIP outlines how voice and other unified communications services (voice, video, data) are sent over the internet.

A Trunk is a shared communication channel designed for use by many telephone users and requires an internet connection. Therefore, SIP Trunking is described as sending unified communication services such as voice over the internet for many users under one channel.


How SIP Works


All SIP calls are deployed as local calls and don’t require any phone line. The calls are connected via a unique address referred to as SIP URI.


Reasons your Business Should Invest In SIP Trunking


SIP Trunking provides reduced calling rates for long-distance and overseas calling, and most SIP Trunking pricing plans require monthly charges based on the number of users.


Better Returns on Investment (ROI)
Setting up SIP Trunking for your business requires only a minimal investment. This enables your business to recoup its expenses at a much faster rate compared to business phone solutions.


Provides Unified Communications

SIP Trunks provide a fully unified communications solution for businesses. A SIP Trunk can transmit both voice and video data under a single channel. It also allows companies to access services available on IP-based service plans.


Compatible with Mobile Devices

Mobile device manufacturers have jumped into the Unified communication industry by developing mobile devices compatible with SIP Trunking Technologies’ solutions.


Easy to Manage and Scale

SIP Trunking systems can easily be managed in-house by IT personnel using easy to use interfaces. Scaling is also easy as you don’t require any phone infrastructure or phone lines when adding additional users to the system.


CrowdVoice App SIP Trunking Solutions

The CrowdVoice app provides SIP Trunking solutions through a couple of functions, as indicated below:


Call Routing

SIP Trunking provides business continuity by delivering call forwarding and routing. The CrowdVoice app offers international phone numbers that your customers can call and get routed to your primary phone number.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

SIP Trunking reduces business phone expenses by consolidating all the business features into the CrowdVoice app. The CrowdVoice app is a virtual office that brings on all phone processes; calling, forwarding, faxing, etc.


Keep Your Number

Travel anywhere with your phone number, as your number isn’t bound by location.  You only require an internet connection to link to your SIP network.


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