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The RingLeader App brings Unified Communications, Social Messaging, and International Coverage, all under one roof. Enable yourself to work more effectively anywhere in the world by joining the RingLeader movement!
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fIC Free International Calls 

Imagine making free international calls to your friends, family, or even business associates? It used to be expensive to make international phone calls and while at the same time grappling with unreliable network connections. However, due to the advancement and easy access to mobile apps and affordable data plans, making free international calls isn’t as difficult as before. 


There is a wide variety of apps and platforms that allow people to make free international phone calls to their friends and family, such as Google Voice, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype. However, many of them aren’t secure or reliable. 

CrowdVoice app is an excellent alternative to these free apps due to its high-security features and reliability level. 


About CrowdVoice App

The CrowdVoice app is RingLeader’s flagship product that provides impressive, innovative communication solutions such as; free international calling, messaging, and exchanging files with other users, all under one interface. 


Why Choose CrowdVoice App for Your International Calls?


There are many apps and applications you can use to make free international calls. However, only a few of these come packed with excellent features like the CrowdVoice app that make it easy for users to make and receive international calls. 


Here’s a couple of reasons why the CrowdVoice app is your best choice for an international calling app. 


Make Free International Calls across 24+ countries


CrowdVoice app allows you to make free international phone calls across 24 countries and gives you the first 60 minutes free. And that’s not althese free credits never expire as they roll over the next month. 


Unlimited Worldwide Calling & Messaging


Enjoy unlimited inbound and outbound free calling and messaging between you and other CrowdVoice app users across all countries – even those not covered by our service. 


Earn Referral Credits


CrowdVoice app users get extra talk minutes when you invite a minimum number of new users who successfully register. The ‘My Rewards’ feature on the app provides you with information on how many call credits you have earned.  


Get an International Phone Number


Is your business international, or do you have friends in other countries?
The CrowdVoice app allows you to purchase one or multiple lines in countries covered by our service.

This feature’s benefit is that your friends or business associates can call you and get charged at local calling rates. Therefore, this makes the CrowdVoice app an affordable calling solution for international calls.  


Secure and Protected


Your international phone calls are secure and protected from malware and identity theft, which are just too common on the internet. 


How to make free international phone calls to Canada and Mexico


Making free international phone calls is made possible by getting a virtual number known as a Direct Inward Dialling (DID) or access number. These numbers aren’t associated with any telephone line and are used as gateways between traditional phone systems and Internet phone systems. 


The CrowdVoice app already has a system in place that provides virtual numbers to its users. It’s what makes it possible for your teammates to make free international phone calls from Canada and Mexico. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to Make Free International Calls 

Making free international phone calls with CrowdVoice is easy and fast. 

Just follow these three steps: 

Step 1: Go to the dial screen. 

Step 2: Dial the country code and international phone number you want to call 

Step 3:  Your call is then connected, and you can now proceed to talk 

Watch this video of how to make free international calls with CrowdVoice. 


How to Find My International Number and Extension 

Step 1: Go to the dial screen 

Step 2: Click the settings wheel located at the bottom right of the screen 

Step 3: Your international number should appear at the top of the screen 

Watch this video of how to find your international number and extension 


Why not get in touch with us and learn how to help you start your free international calling experience.  


How Secure is My Free International Call 

CrowdVoice app provides end-to-end encryption to all communication that passes through its network. This protects your data from identity theft, malware, viruses, and hackers.

Do You Offer Free Calls in Your Free Plan
CrowdVoice offers 60 minutes of credit for you to call anyone from a list of 24 countries. The best part is your unused minutes are rolled over to the next month and never expire. 


Still got more questions? Check out our main FAQs section for more answers. 

Download the CrowdVoice app today and enjoy free international calling to your friends, family, and business associates.  

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