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mockup 6 PBX System for Small Business


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PBX System for Small Business


PBX systems have been an integral component in business phone solutions for businesses with more than one employee. A PBX system for small businesses provides them with the capability to deploy a wide range of innovative features essential for their business growth.


What Are PBX Systems?


PBX is an acronym that stands for ‘Private-Branch Exchange’ and refers to a business phone system that allows for the transfer of phone calls to extensions within a company and offers various innovative business phone solutions.


Upgrading your PBX system provides businesses with fantastic benefits such as; reduction of system outages and avoiding expensive server charges. The main challenge small businesses face is finding the right PBX system for their business.


It is advisable to consider several essential factors when choosing a PBX system for your small business. The best approach is to examine and analyze both the benefits and drawbacks of each of the different PBX systems for small businesses available on the market. Let’s dig in.


Traditional PBX


A traditional PBX system is a standard, regular PBX system hard-wired to analog or PRI copper circuits found in most homes. Traditional PBX systems are regarded as the most reliable PBX systems as they allow communication to take place on dedicated lines and are known for their superior audio quality compared to others.


However, a traditional PBX, due to its analog infrastructure, has a couple of drawbacks;

  • Adding more phone lines involves physical wiring which is both expensive and cumbersome.
  • Have High Maintenance costs as all necessary maintenance activities must be performed onsite. In the absence of an in-house capable PBX system technician, additional charges will be incurred in paying external independent contractors to complete the job.




An IP PBX system is a traditional PBX system that incorporates VoIP technology and is hosted onsite within company premises.  It allows the switching of calls between a VoIP user and regular telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users, in the same way a standard a PBX system does.


Phone and data communications are converged together and relayed to various destinations using Internet Protocol (IP). Hence, it is referred to as an IP PBX system.

This PBX system’s pros are that phone calls are less expensive compared to if they would have been routed through a traditional PBX system.


This PBX system has a couple of drawbacks being an onsite PBX system. A business will incur all hardware and software costs in setting up the system in their physical offices, positioning it as an expensive option. However, leasing arrangements are available from several business phone solution providers.


Another drawback for IP PBX systems is since the system requires a stable internet connection for its VoIP functions, your business could experience communication issues if your internet connection isn’t reliable. Therefore it is advisable to have analog line circuits installed as a backup in a WAN outage.


Hosted PBX


A hosted PBX is an IP PBX system provided by an external company such as a VoIP solutions provider who hosts the system on your behalf. Hosted PBX systems are generally the ideal PBX system for small businesses as they are cost-effective, for they require minimal setup and maintenance costs.


Among the innovative features that Hosted PBX systems provide small businesses are; unlimited free calls to specific regions in the world, ease of setup, flexible pricing plans, and the ability to add or remove phone functions with a short period.


Some of the drawbacks of Hosted PBX are; Call quality is dependent on the available Internet’s bandwidth. However, this can be mitigated by choosing a PBX system solutions provider that offers data connection on a separate channel from the one that goes over a public network that could cause jitter and latency.


Crowdvoice App Cloud Features


  • Free International a select number of countries where RingLeader has a presence.
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound free SMS’s and calls between you and other CrowdVoice app users
  • Purchase one or multiple international phone numbers in selected countries
  • Data encryption for any data shared across our network


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