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Small Business Phone System


Businesses are continually looking for ways to reduce communication costs, and among these ways are deploying a small business phone system. Therefore, having a business phone system that is both cost-effective and efficient is an essential component in their business strategy.


Advancement within the unified communication industry has contributed to the rise of innovative small business systems, has the potential of drastically reducing communication expenses. These unified communication tools and platforms can effectively change the way small businesses operate and interact with their teams.


Businesses have a choice between two main small business phone systems; traditional (analog) and VoIP phone systems. Let’s discuss both at length.


Traditional (Analog)


Traditional phone systems are also referred to as PBX (Private Branch Exchange). These are the regular telephone phone systems that use a phone jack, usually fixed on the wall, with a cable that connects the phone to the jack.


Hosted PBX is better than a traditional PBX, as it provides the flexibility and innovative features you could find in a VoIP phone solution. However, something to keep in mind is that hosted or virtual PBX doesn’t just work with any analog phone, but with phones capable of connecting to IP networks.



  • Handles multiple lines
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Provides both options; on-site and hosted PBX



  • Expensive to upgrade or reconfigure
  • Phone lines attract expensive monthly charges
  • Not cost-effective as it requires regular maintenance and servicing.




VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. This makes it possible to directly make phone calls from internet-enabled devices .i.e. computers and software applications such as Google Phone, Facebook Video, WhatsApp, among others.

VoIP phone systems provide a wide range of benefits to small businesses, as shown below.



  • Flexible configuration of functions suitable for businesses
  • Cost-effective and flexible pricing plans that can be upgraded or downgraded quickly
  • Multimedia functions under one platform such as voice, text, and web-conferencing



  • Connectivity issues experienced with weak internet signal strengths.


Crowdvoice App as a Small Business Phone System


The CrowdVoice app is RingLeader’s version of a small business phone system operating as a mobile application. The app contains several innovative small business phone system features such as:


  • Enhanced mobility
    The CrowdVoice app provides call routing functions that enable your calls to be routed to you anywhere in the world, thereby allowing you to be reachable anywhere, anytime.


  • Virtual Office

The CrowdVoice app provides businesses with access to essential business functions such as texting, faxing, and holding online meetings with teams.


  • High-Level Security

The CrowdVoice app provides end-to-end encryption for all data that travels across its network


  • Customer Support

Small businesses require 24/7 support. Therefore, we provide round the clock customer support for our users.


  • Cost-Effective

Small businesses are always on the lookout for business phone systems that are cost-effective and provide the best value for money. The CrowdVoice app offers small businesses the best value for money.


Got questions on the CrowdVoice app? Check out our FAQ section.

Enjoy the benefits of a business VoIP phone service by downloading the CrowdVoice app today.


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