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The Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses

VOIP The Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses


Having a virtual phone number for small businesses is increasingly becoming an essential feature. This has been driven by the shift of small businesses turning to remote work models, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You may be wondering; do virtual phone numbers provide any value to small businesses, or are they just a marketing gimmick used by phone solution providers? Well, this and many more questions are what we shall attempt to answer here.

But first, what are virtual phone numbers?


What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number, also referred to as access or Direct Inward Dialling (DID) number, is a phone number used to route all incoming phone calls to a user’s actual phone number or numbers.


These virtual numbers make it possible for someone to call a local area code phone number that gets routed to a person located in a different area code. The exciting thing about this is that you’ll be charged at local rates.


Here’s How Virtual Phone Numbers Work

A customer registers with a VoIP (Voice over IP) service provider and requests a virtual number for specific area code within a local county, or even another country. When a friend calls this virtual phone number, the call registers with the assigned area code, which is generally the same area code as the person calling.


The call seamlessly maps to the customer’s actual telephone number, without the caller even being aware that the customer might not even be in the same country. Companies such as RingLeader provide companies with virtual phone numbers through their innovative mobile app CrowdVoice.


Benefits of Getting a CrowdVoice App Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are, without a doubt, an essential feature for small business phone solution offerings. Here’s a couple of benefits getting a CrowdVoice’s app virtual phone number.


Separate your Work and Personal Calls

A virtual phone number enables you to separate work, business, and personal communication, all under one platform and device. It allows you to keep your primary phone number private and avoid getting business calls at odd hours.


Professional Branding

Virtual phone numbers provide businesses with a professional outlook through a myriad of features such as; custom greetings and extension that automatically welcome callers and direct them to the relevant agent for assistance.


Choice of Country Area Codes and Freebies

The CrowdVoice app allows customers to choose area codes from 24 countries and offers unlimited inbound/60 outbound SMS messages from these countries.

You can get additional calling credits of 60 minutes at $5, used to call anywhere covered by RingLeader.


Always Reachable

A virtual phone number allows you to be reachable in countries where RingLeader has a presence through desktop or mobile apps. It also makes it possible for you to simultaneously take multiple calls by routing them to another phone or team member.


Retain Existing Smartphone

Since virtual phone numbers aren’t tied up to a specific handset, it means you get to keep your existing smartphone, as the number can is routed to any mobile app or desktop app.


Multiple Calling Options

Virtual phone numbers allow you to make calls over the internet, especially when you have a has poor reception.


Frequently Asked Questions Related to Virtual Phone Numbers

What Does a Virtual Phone Number Mean?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number acquired by users to route their phone calls to one or many phone numbers of their choice.


Do Virtual Phone Numbers Operate As Real Telephone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are actual phone numbers, the difference being they are assigned to an online account. Virtual phone numbers have all the features of a standard phone number, such as; send and receive texts, hold audio conversations, among others.


Can Crowdvoice Provide Me with Multiple Virtual Phone Numbers?

Yes, Crowdvoice provides multiple virtual phone numbers across countries where RingLeader has got a presence.


What Hardware Do I Require To Use A Virtual Phone Number?

To use a virtual phone number, you can either use a computer or phone, which must have a microphone and speaker.


Enjoy flexibility by getting a Virtual Phone number

A virtual phone number not only provides you with the standard telephone features you have come to expect from phones, but it also provides a high degree of flexibility by enabling you to continue working from wherever you’re.

Still, got more questions? Check out our main FAQs section for more answers.

Download the CrowdVoice app today and enjoy free international calling to your friends, family, and business associates.

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