Call Recording
RingLeader’s simplified Call Recording services can be added to your service plan to capture customer calls and save them in the Cloud. Intuitive, useful and affordable, this solution comes with administrative control of an online portal with which you can access call details and recordings. Automatic call recording can be configured to individual numbers or a group of numbers, depending on the unique needs of your business.

The recording is created on the service side of the call. This method of recording relieves the need for additional equipment or plug-ins to your PBX.

RecordaTrunk is easy to implement and navigate for any level of user. It’s been optimized for Skype For Business and other leading PBX vendors. RecordaTrunk has a standard flat rate of $0.10 per recorded call.


> Flexible Cloud Storage   > Configure per Phone Number   > Online Web Portal   > Optimized for Skype For Business

RingLeader’s Conference Bridging service can be used by businesses looking for an easy way to conduct meetings with up to 40 participants. Each configured bridge has its own unique passcode and number which is accessible at anytime and does not require reservations. For businesses whose onsite PBX does not offer these services, or for businesses who do not have an on site PBX, RingLeader’s Conference Bridging solution makes it easy for businesses to reduce time and expenses associated with business travel and instead provide ways for participants whether clients or remote employees to easily connect at a moment’s notice.
Disaster Recovery
Choose from any of our dependable disaster recovery options and ensure the continuity of your availability to your customers.


Seamlessly re-route inbound calls to pre-configured numbers (cell, PSTN, or other “live” SIP location) in the event of lost SIP connectivity. Once your SIP service is restored, RedundaTrunk automatically routes your incoming calls back to your original internal number (DID).

RingLeader Unified

RingLeader Unified is designed to mirror predetermined PBX configurations, such as a automated-attendant, hunt group and extensions. Your customers experience the same call experience regardless of who they connect to, even though the dialed call options are routed to different end points.

Back-up SIP Bundle

RingLeader offers a solution for customers who need the option to fail-over a regular analog, T1 or PRI over to an RingLeader SIP line.
Internet Faxing
Customers using the RingLeader Internet Faxing solution experience lower costs and greater ease of use. Why deal with the pain of using an analog line, which not only costs more to have as a dedicated fax line, but also causes the user to be subject to busy signals, errors due to paper jams and more?

Moving fax services over the internet with RingLeader provides a secure T.38 connection, which encrypts the transmitted data. RingLeader provides discounts for current customers who subscribe to any of the SIP bundles allowing their bundled minutes to be used for faxing in addition to voice.

Secure Transfer
Securely send and receive important case sensitive documents.

Send your faxes with confidence. With iEtherFax, there is no loss of packets.

Virtual Numbering Options
If you want fax numbers with various area codes, EtherSpeak can arrange that. For example, if you want to have a Scottsdale, Arizona, fax number but your office is in D.C. – no problem! We will make sure you have the area codes you want for a greater nationwide presence.

Cost Savings
Choosing to use faxing over the internet, you no longer need costly regular analog fax lines. If you already have an internet connection, the only cost to you is the cost of the service.

SIP Encryption
RingLeader understands the importance of protecting sensitive customer data and information. That is why we offer encryption specifically for SIP trunking. Encryption adds an additional layer of enhanced protection, ensuring complete privacy.

For industries in the Financial, Banking and/or Medical services, RingLeader adheres to federal requirements when it comes to transmitting voice and data over the internet.

RingLeader offers full SIP encryption. Full SIP encryption goes beyond simply coding and decoding end points of a call. In addition to the native encryption of SIP, RingLeader offers the following in security encryption:


Robust security option utilizing a simple router with your pbx to scramble call information from end-to-end.


Simple solution without additional equipment establishing a secure connection between communication devices.


A completely private network untouchable to outside manipulation, continuously monitored for reliability.
Bring credibility to your business by offering a Toll-Free number for you callers. Toll-Free numbers make it easy for potential and existing customers to call and inquire about your services when they know the call is free.

With up to 50 call paths per toll-free number, this service is perfect for call centers, reception lines or other heavy inbound call-oriented businesses.

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