HiPAA Compliant Phone for Healthcare Providers

Connect with Your Teams Anywhere Using CrowdVoice

As healthcare networks become more complex, CrowdVoice advances telemedicine and facilitates physician consultations with a HiPAA compliant phone system. With just a few clicks, healthcare providers can arm their team with one-to-one and one-to-many voice and messaging tools using one powerful App.

You can send and receive calls and send text messages to one or multiple locations. In-home care specialists, mobile clinics and doctors can easily communicate with labs, clinics, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, in-home care agencies, small private practices, and hospitals — all on their mobile device.

CrowdVoice for Healthcare Providers

As healthcare professionals need to collaborate with team members, and other hospital wings and locations, CrowdVoice allows seamless unified communication capabilities as if they were all in the same office talking face-to-face. CrowdVoice allows unlimited amounts of teams, specialists and institutions to join the same network — with just a quick download of the App.

There’s no need for expensive phone systems or multiple platforms to manage. The entire HiPAA compliant phone system runs on your mobile phone. As long as you have your mobile device, you’ll never miss a call.

Crowdvoice is HIPAA Compliant and allows you to:

Engage in telemedicine while following data privacy requirements.

The software can provide a secure video conferencing connection within the practice’s secure, data-compliant network. Video conferencing also can allow medical professionals to examine patients virtually or conduct field training with live visuals.

Keep in touch with patients and teams.

Instantly message with patients to book appointments, reach administrative staff and discuss concerns directly with a doctor. Instantly fax prescriptions to pharmacies — ALL right from your mobile device

Deploy your communications.

Easily generate new numbers and extensions quickly on a mobile device — no tech needed.

Utilize the Cloud.

Host all your unified communications in the cloud versus more costly physical servers. Voice calls, video conferencing, faxing and messaging can happen anywhere from a mobile device or desktop computer with no separate phone line needed.

Get up and running quickly.

Simply download the free app on your phone. No administration needed! The app is intuitive and easy to use.

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Learn more about the HiPAA compliant phone App today

When it comes to one-to-one or one-to-many voice communications and messaging, there is no other tool that is as easy, affordable, and effective as RingLeader’s CrowdVoice App. Best of all, you can get started for FREE!

Say goodbye to expensive HiPAA compliant phone systems and switching back and forth from multiple platforms. With Crowdvoice, you have calling, messaging and conferencing capability — all in one app that goes wherever you go.

Do you need more options for a HiPAA compliant phone system? Click here.

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