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Your Teams Anywhere Using CrowdVoice For Hospitality

As hotels, restaurants and other leisure venues strive to improve customer service, CrowdVoice advances communication capabilities within an organization and between employee/guest. With just a few clicks hospitality employers can arm their team with one-to-one and one-to-many voice and messaging tools using one powerful App.

Employees can send/receive calls and instant messages — all on their mobile device. No need for non-integrated devices like walkie-talkies.

CrowdVoice for Hospitality

A hospitality employee armed with mobile devices are more empowered to serve guests. CrowdVoice makes it possible to act quicker to guest requests. Communication flows the other way as well. Workers can quickly relay emergency information to guests and business travelers can enjoy more seamless transitions between calls, contacts, and concierge services.

Every second saved enhances guest satisfaction. And happy guests come back again and refer friends, family, and business associates — which adds to the bottom line.

Crowdvoice allows you and your employees to:

Communicate with precision.

Select which mode of communication is appropriate to each situation.

Keep in touch with teams and contractors.

Use for deliveries, reservations, and promotions.

Deploy your communications.

Easily generate new numbers and extensions quickly on a mobile device — no tech needed. Extremely simple to deploy across multiple locations.

Utilize the Cloud.

Host all your unified communications in the cloud versus more costly physical servers. Voice calls, video conferencing, faxing and messaging can happen anywhere from a mobile device or desktop computer with no separate phone line needed.

Get up and running quickly.

Simply download the free app on your phone. No administration needed! The app is intuitive and easy to use.

Earn more with our Affiliate Program.

Bring in an additional stream of funds with our Affiliate Program. You’ll Earn 15% on paid accounts. Plus, you’ll earn an additional 7% on their invites that convert to a paid account.

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When it comes to one-to-one or one-to-many voice communications and messaging, there is no other tool that is as easy, affordable, and effective as RingLeader’s CrowdVoice App. Best of all, you can get started for FREE!

Say goodbye to expensive phone systems and switching back and forth from multiple platforms. With Crowdvoice, you have calling, messaging and conferencing capability — all in one app that goes wherever you go.

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