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Fundraising? Outreach? Event Planning? Advocacy?
All of them at the same time? Introducing app solutions for Non-Profits.

Put the power of communications into the hands of your constituents, volunteers, members, and teams with the CrowdVoice App.

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How Organizations Are Using App Solutions for Non-Profits


“My first priority is FUNDRAISING. And so is my second and third.”

App solutions for non-profits: We may be a non-profit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not usually thinking about money – getting what we need to serve our community and our members and keep our team going.

But the CrowdVoice app has transformed my approach. I’ve stopped thinking about “making calls” and “starting pledge drives” and am working in a more ongoing way keeping our donor community regularly in the loop – and broadening that network.

Donors like to know that their money is at work for the community. When I show the real-time progress of our programs, I get real responses and results. Our CrowdVoice app communications are immediate, less formal, and much more direct. Whether we’re messaging, meeting, sending clips, faxing contracts, or wiring funds. When we’re all connected, we’re the best kind of non-profit – focused on how we’re serving. That’s how to fundraise.

An event is not one big thing, but three big things: BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER. I need communications tools for all three.

I have been tasked with driving registration globally at lower costs, answering big and not-so-big questions to optimize the show while it’s underway, and then following up with attendees, partners, and sponsors in the weeks that follow to generate momentum for the next one.

Unexpectedly, that’s become doable.

The CrowdVoice app covers my full event management range:

  • Four rings of crowds to respond to and keep informed: presenters, advertisers, a few interested members of the media, and our internal team
  • Faxing audience-participation release forms
  • Revising and emailing a contract on the spot for a quick clause change

To all the right people at the right time continuously. Before, during, and after the big event.

“We have constituents rallying around our advocacy platform. Time to ACTIVATE.”

Connection and collaboration mean everything to us. Our group has emerged from the vaguest of wishes to see small signs of change pop up all across the country. We connect right here – using the CrowdVoice app. With our shared interests and calls for legislation – and keeping up with who in Congress is voting for what – we have plenty to publish, post, chat, email, and meet about.

When running grassroots events, we assign hundreds of local numbers to all of our representatives so that they can conduct outreach under our brand and track their efforts. Numbers can be created on fly and deleted just as easily. No spam follows us, no vendors cling on, and no retargeting ads for what we won’t need at the next destination.

The tech giant platforms and apps track and sell your data. But with CrowdVoice you are in control of your data.  Best of all, you can communicate anonymously when you rally around an issue, then erase it, once it’s over.

I heard about Crowdvoice app in a networking meeting a few months ago. I attended a live demo online and decided to try it out for us, a 501(c)(3) I created to help prevent death by suicide of our Veterans. I am using Crowdvoice as tool to help route calls to the appropriate people within our organization whether it be to our mental health counselors, those who need assistance financially, or to request assistance to veterans experiencing homelessness. It’s affordable and reliable and helps me run the office remotely. I can provide coverage in any state using a local number through the app.

Jessica Ruyts | RUYTS Foundation

The Crowdvoice app is great! I am a reality television producer who travels all over the world. Not only can I travel on location making calls without having to use my personal mobile number, I can coordinate crew members, extras, and actors easily using Crowds & Rings.

And after production, I can video chat with my family back home in Mazatlan, Mexico from anywhere in the world. Currently, I am in Norway shooting Deadliest Catch and the crew is scattered at least 2 hours from each other and then one crew on the boat. We use CrowdVoice to effectively pass information to certain groups of crew to time our schedule perfectly.

Eric Streit | TV Producer

We started using Crowdvoice app to set up a Hotline for students in our public school system who have thoughts about harming themselves. For a low monthly fee, we were able to get designated Crowdvoice phone numbers that are posted in every public school in Spotsylvania county. Students can call or text the number and it will immediately alert and ring through to a list of the counselors employed by the county for immediate intervention.

Behind A Smile’s mission is to prevent suicide in our precious youth. We plan on expanding our efforts to all 50 states which Crowdvoice can accommodate easily. The app is such an easy way to make a difference in our community and honor our grandson who lost his life by suicide last year.

Lisa Harris | Behind A Smile

Connecting with Their Crowds: Non-Profit Leader Voices 

The CMO of Keep America Beautiful stresses the need to layer upon the broad awareness of the traditional donated-media PSA outreach model with a deep person-to-person connection. This is the way to pull heartstrings and relate personal experiences to achieve real ripple effects.

The Executive Director of Tuesday’s Children advises that the more your message comes from a beneficiary, not an organization, the more credible and powerful the story.

The Director of Communications with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gives a shoutout to Rings — and the importance of targeted partnering with people with a similar mission as your own to expand and enrich your communications and interaction opportunities for the people you serve.

The Chief Strategy Officer with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) says we are all in our roles content disseminators in one way or another. Best to adopt the best techniques to capture and keep attention, gain mindshare, and even shape behaviors.

The Account Manager with RX4GOOD points out that effective communication is at the heart of every non-profit. The goal: to fill up your circles of audiences around you. And get as many into your inner circle. Get passionate and keep the passion alive! 

The CEO of RingLeader states that from your network emerges your Crowd. Mobilize yours! And drive the outer edges into the center. This and many other amazing things happen when you give your volunteers the tools they need to bring their full impact to your cause.

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