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Connect with your customers and teams – faster, securely and from anywhere – with RingLeader.  From VoIP cloud solutions to Microsoft Teams and Zoom Voice integrations to SIP trunking and faxing, let RingLeader’s support, flexibility and reliability be the solution to your business communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


I need to communicate with a high level of security. Can you support that?

All of RingLeader’s options offer best-in-class security.

I am not satisfied with the cloud. How do I move back to on-premise?

RingLeader helps customers move to and from the cloud with very little interruption to your business. Just contact us and tell us more about your needs.

Can you put all of my on-premise locations under one bill?

Yes! With Carrier-Connect all of your locations can be included in a single bill.

Can you provide redundant service for on-prem?

Yes. The Carrier-Connect Redundatrunk solution automatically sends calls to a backup destination even when your location is offline.

Do you have solutions that support both cloud and on-prem?

Yes! We can consolidate both on prem and cloud. There are several options available including adding new users to Enterprise-Connect, and we also offer redundant options.

I have an on-prem phone system, but I want to record in the cloud, do you support that?

Yes! With Carrier-Connect, our SIP Trunks can enable cloud-based call recording.


How do I save money on my PBX?

Carrier-Connect can save you up to 70% every month over legacy phone service.

I am experiencing too many outages on my PBX. What are my options?

We have an auto-failover option called Redundatrunk which detects a connection problem and can auto-route your calls even when your connection is down.

Do you support conference bridges customized for my brand?

Yes, you get voice and video conferencing with every RingLeader service level, and, in all cases, conferencing can be customized to meet your requirements.

Can I still use my existing PBX?

Yes. We can remotely configure a SIP switch to enable your existing equipment.

What is the primary reason to use a PBX?

A PBX allows you to store all your information locally.

Do you provide hosted or on-premise VoIP Solutions?

Yes, we provide both hosted and on-premise VoIP through our Carrier-Connect solution.

What additional equipment am I going to need?

Nothing! You don’t need any additional equipment to work with RingLeader. If you would like to use your own SIPerator, we can support that as well.

Mobile Communications

I have an on-prem phone system but I want to record in the cloud, do you support that?

All of RingLeader’s options offer best-in-class security.

Do you have a communication system that is scalable?

Yes. Enterprise-Connect can support anything from five to 500 users.

Do your services support voice and video conferencing?

Yes, you get voice and video conferencing with every RingLeader service level, and, in all cases, conferencing can be customized to meet your requirements.

Are there flexible month-to-month solutions available?

Yes! Crowd-Connect supports subscription-free service.

What types of communication can I access on my mobile phones with RingLeader?

Messaging, SMS, Video & Voice Conferencing, secure document transfer and faxing.

I want to use my mobile devices as primary business phones. Can I do that?

You can easily operate your business using our VoIP solutions including our mobile app called CrowdVoice.

Is communicating with clients through my cell phone secure?

The CrowdVoice App is encrypted to protect your privacy and data.

SIP Trunking

Our business is acquiring another business with a different type of phone system. Can you help?

Absolutely. RingLeader can create a consolidate-and-transfer plan that would get you on the right UCaaS with minimal disruption and could save you up to 70%.

I want a phone system with more call paths on my PBX. For example, six per user. Can RingLeader help?

Carrier-Connect SIP Trunking provides unlimited call paths on virtually all service options. (Our Micro service plan is the exception.)

What is the difference between SIP trunking and VoIP?

SIP Trunking allows you to make your phone calls with on-premise PBX equipment while VoIP enables you to make calls using the cloud.

What are the benefits of SIP trunking?

SIP Trunking allows you to use your previously purchased equipment and store your information locally on your own PBX without having to be pushed to the cloud.

What is SIP in PBX?

SIP allows us to enable your service remotely through your PBX.

How do you connect a SIP trunk?

RingLeader can connect a SIP Trunk remotely and have you up and running within one hour!

Cloud-based VOIP

I am moving offices and need a new phone system. Can you help?

Absolutely! RingLeader can help you with a variety of solutions including cloud-based options, UCaaS and call center support solutions.

I am looking to add more users to my call center rapidly. What should I do?

Enterprise-Connect can support any sized call center (from five to 500 users) and can get you up and running quickly. Users can be added dynamically as our solutions work with a mobile phone, IP phone, or desktop-based PC/Mac softphone

Can I consolidate my communication and desktop screen sharing expenses?

You can consolidate all end user communication expenses, including desktop sharing, with Enterprise-Connect.

I am spending too much on cloud-based phone service and desktop screen sharing and my meeting app (Zoom). Can you help me reduce my costs?

Consolidating all your end-user communication expenses, including desktop sharing, can give you significant savings over deploying individual solutions. Enterprise-Connect lets you consolidate quickly and easily–and save!

I have a side-gig and I need a business telephone system that’s easy and flexible.

Crowd-Connect supports side gig workers by allowing you to pick the level of service that you want–without a contract!

Do you offer call routing?

RingLeader’s Enterprise-Connect offers several different call center options that support skills-based routing.

Can RingLeader connect to my phone system over our company's private cloud?

Yes! RingLeader can connect over public internet or private cloud in most cases.

Can you support a call center with 50 or more users?

Absolutely. Our call center solutions support anywhere from five to 500 users.

What are the benefits of cloud communication?

With cloud communication, you can have a hybrid workspace and still access data and files wherever you are.

What does CPaaS mean?

In the telecom world it means CPaaS stands for Communications Platform As A Service

Can I store files and share data in the cloud?

Yes. You can rent the cloud and save your data and files, or you can own your own piece of the cloud.

Is communicating over the cloud secure?

Not always but RingLeader can enable secure cloud communication by routing it to an encrypted device using the CrowdVoice App.

Remote Workforce

I have a service business and I need to connect all my delivery drivers remotely. Can you help with that?

Yes! RingLeader can support your mobile workforce with any combination of mobile apps, desktop apps, and IP phone lines.

I need a more professional way to receive calls from my customers when working remotely. What are my options?

Crowd-Connect supports remote and side-gig workers with an automated attendant that ensures you have a professional presence no matter where you are. Need something for more than just you? Enterprise-Connect is perfect for remote teams and supports mobile apps, IP phones, and desktop client.

Can remote workers share a virtual phone system?

Yes! Remote workers can all share a cloud-based VoIP phone system no matter where they are located. This means extension-to-extension calling, voicemail, hunt groups, and more.

Can my remote workers be outside of the country and still have convenient and professional phone service?

Yes, our service will work anywhere there is internet access.

Can remote workers conduct a video conference together?

Absolutely! Our mobile app and cloud-based VoIP solutions allow for Zoom-style video conferencing.

How can remote workers ensure their communications are secure?

Our solutions are all HIPAA compliant and encrypted for maximum privacy and protection.

Disaster Recovery

Can I failover my SIP Trunks?

Yes, you can failover your SIP Trunks to your mobile phone or to the CrowdVoice App.

Can I failover to a mobile device?

Yes, you can failover to a mobile device either on the CrowdVoice app or your mobile phone numbers.

If I have another provider, can I use RingLeader as a failover solution?

Yes, if you use another provider for your phone service you can still use RingLeader for a back-up connection to our data center. If your primary carrier goes offline, then you can failover to RingLeader.

If my Internet goes out, what happens?

If the internet goes out, you can failover your phone service to your team’s mobile phones on 4G/5G.

Can the mobile app act as a failover for my SIP?

Yes, you can use your CrowdVoice mobile app account to failover your SIP Trunking service.

Is there a specific disaster recovery product?

Yes, there is a disaster recovery bundle with 100 minutes for emergency use if your existing phone service goes offline. You can either use the CrowdVoice App or your IP desk phones.

What is an auto-forward?

Auto-forward allows you to seamlessly reroute incoming SIP calls to a wireless, PRI, or analog destination if your phone system goes offline. Once your service is restored, our auto-detect failover automatically routes your incoming calls back to your original internal number (DID).

Can I add disaster recovery at any time?

Yes, you can add disaster recovery to your existing account at any time.

Can I have more than one SIP carrier?

Absolutely. Investing in a second phone service connection from a different provider ensures your phone system stays functional even when your primary connection is out of service.

How can mobile communications help my organization become more resilient?

When disasters such as fires, floods or storms render your offices unsafe, your business needs a fast solution to return to normal operations and minimize the financial losses associated with inactivity. CrowdVoice let’s your team continue working from anywhere, whether that’s at home or a new temporary office location. CrowdVoice gives your employees access to the same extension and features that are available on their desk phones, ensuring they can stay productive and professional from any device.

Toll Free

Can you help consolidate our toll-free expenses?

Yes! We offer some of the best options for consolidating toll-free expenses including domestic and international toll-free service.

Do you support vanity numbers for toll-free inbound?

Yes, we can help you find the right vanity number to match your branding.

Can we port our existing toll-free numbers?

Absolutely. We can help you port your existing toll-free numbers from your previous carrier.

Can we add toll-free numbers to our SIP Trunking service?

Yes, toll-free numbers can easily be added to your existing SIP Trunking service for a low monthly cost.

Can we add toll-free numbers to our cloud-based VoIP service?

Yes, toll free numbers can easily be added to either a cloud-based VoIP or SIP service.

Can toll-free numbers be cancelled?

Yes, toll-free numbers can easily be added and removed as needed. No long-term contracts required.

How quickly can I get a toll-free number?

We can provide you with a toll-free number in minutes and porting to your phone number will take up to a week depending on your previous carrier. We offer 1800, 1866, 1844 and more

Will toll-free numbers work in other countries?

No. Toll-free numbers can only receive calls from the USA and Canada.

Who pays for toll-free calls?

The company or individual hosting the toll-free number. Individuals calling a toll-free number from a landline or cell phone with an unlimited calling plan do not get charged. If a mobile caller does not have an unlimited calling plan with their service provider, calls to a toll-free number will use available minutes.

Are toll-free numbers really free?

Toll-free numbers are free to call, but to own a toll-free number you must pay a monthly fee. RingLeader can help you secure your own toll-free number for a low monthly cost.

Do I need a toll-free number for my business?

A toll-free number can give your business a professional presence.

Crisis Comm

What is crisis communication?

Crisis communication can be defined broadly as the collection, processing, and dissemination of information required to address a crisis situation.

What is an example of a crisis communication situation for business?

If communications are disrupted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, threats to national security such as 9/11, health crises like COVID-19, a crisis communication solution can keep your business operational.

How can RingLeader help with crisis communication?

RingLeader can provide secure, encrypted communications using our CrowdVoice mobile app so you can communicate with remote or distributed teams during a crisis. All that is needed is internet service and you can deploy it instantly.

Why does my telecom system matter when it comes to crisis communication? Don’t all phone systems work the same in a crisis?

Having a secure back-up to your phone service with SIP Trunking or an account with CrowdVoice App can ensure that your clients can reach you even in the event of a crisis.

What makes CrowdVoice App an effective crisis-communication solution?

CrowdVoice App is completely free. You can sign-up on a moment’s notice and deactivate it when you no longer need it.

What are the four phases of crisis communication?

The four phases of crisis communications are readiness, response, reassurance, and recovery. RingLeader has over 99% up-time giving you the peace of mind that your crisis-communication strategy is ready at a moment’s notice.

What happens if there is a disaster that strikes the east coast where RingLeader is located?

If there is a natural disaster on either coast, our servers are automatically set to failover to the other coast.

What if our phone lines go down during a crisis?

Ringleader will automatically failover your incoming phone calls to your mobile phones, so you never miss a call.