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Why SIP? Nine Benefits of SIP Trunking

  Why SIP? Nine Benefits of SIP Trunking: According to a recent study, the average employee uses 36 cloud-based applications in their job. As the growth of cloud-based applications continues, more organizations are seeking efficiency. SIP trunking, which is a method...

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What is Social Communications?

   What is Social Communications? A Social Communications platform such as the RingLeader App is the combination of Social Messenger features with Unified Communications features. It is the ability to chat, message, and send files, along with business class telecom...

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VoIP Can Save Your Small Business Money

For small businesses, the cost of a phone system can be surprising. Small businesses could spend thousands of dollars on a top of the line phone system, but if they go for cheaper options they may risk hurting their levels of communication quality and reliability....

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Why Have eFax Services become so popular?

Many people are surprised to hear that faxing is still used in 2019, however its popularity has increased, especially in eFaxing. But, isn’t it outdated? Why fax in this day and age? In fact, there are various aspects to faxing that are invaluable for people,...

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Is Your Network Ready For SIP Trunking?

     If your business has been considering the possibility of using a SIP trunking service, one of the first things you want to do is look at the details and determine whether your network is ready. You need to understand whether you have the proper bandwidth needed...

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