Why RingLeader?

Social Communications...using your voice, not your thumbs!


RingLeader is a mobile phone, office phone, text messaging, teleconferencing and picture / video sharing communication service. RingLeader was designed from the ground up for groups or “crowds” of users.

At its core, RingLeader is very similar to many other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp.  However, RingLeader designers thought it essential to move the platform beyond mere social messaging.  We still speak using our voice – not with our thumbs.  Our goal is to provide a ready-made platform for integrating your crowd’s voice into a robust CrowdVoicing platform for social communication.

Why RingLeader


Since 2007, RingLeader is a provider of voice, fax and data services over the Internet.  RingLeader provides a full range of services for Enterprises including Enterprise-Connect, Carrier-Connect, Crisis-Connect, Crowd-Connect. Each service area designed to provide enterprises with the most innovative range of services for their commmunication needs.  RingLeader is a certified SIP provider and integrates seamlessly to IP based phone PBX systems as either a primary or backup communications platform for business.

Why RingLeader


CrowdVoicing is a platform providing leaders of small groups with a unique set of tools to rapidly activate and mobilize rings of supporters.  Ideally designed for activism (501c4), not-for-profits (501c3), micro-enterprises or any type of group, RingLeader as an industry-leading CrowdVoicing platform brings rings of people together effectively – and let’s their voice be heard.  RingLeader is an ideal platform for groups ranging from 5 to 5000 users who require mobile call center technology, crowd synchronization tools, crowd GPS mapping and other features all included with high levels of industry-leading data encryption.
Why RingLeader


Making your social networks useful goes beyond having a list of who you know.  Leveraging you social network, identifying and leveraging the skills of your contacts requires a means to making those resources immediately actionable from your smartphone or device to resolve your event, project or crisis.  The RingLeader platform provides a means for harnessing your contacts just-in-time into helping you through your task.

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RingLeader provides subscriptions that are the most flexible in the industry.  From daily, weekly, monthly to multi-year, our service plans are designed with the needs of your group, organization or enterprise in mind.
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