Small teams, enterprise level capabilities.

For teams and small business with 20 or less members, these featured services will be bringing the full capabilities of an enterprise sized corporation for a low, flexible price.

Nationwide DID presence

Is your team based in New York but needs a local DID in California? We can do that. No matter where you are, we can give your team a geographic presence.

30 day risk-free trial

Say goodbye to yearly contracts. With RingLeader’s Enterprise-Connect solutions, you can get VoIP phone service for a day, week or month.

No annual contract plans available

RingLeader’s Enterprise-Connect solutions have subscription options for as short as a single day. Month-to-month subscriptions are also available.

Small Teams Featured Services


SIP Small Business Bundle

36 months


✓ Secure, Reliable SIP Trunks

✓ Unlimited Call Paths

HIPAA Compliant

✓ High Quality Voice

✓ FREE On-Network Calling


Cloud VoIP UserFlex

Per User


✓ Unlimited Minutes

✓ Unlimited Call Paths

✓ HIPAA Compliant

✓ High Quality Voice

✓ FREE On-Network Calling


On-demand Conferencing

Per User


✓ Instant group conferencing

✓ Includes Toll-Free DID

✓ Personalized Greeting

✓ High Quality Voice

✓ Up to 40 users per call

Request a LIVE demo

Request a live demo and we’ll walk you through our services and capabilities. Tell us a little about your team or business and we’ll tailor our presentation specifically to you.

We want you to work smarter,
not harder.

RingLeader empowers small businesses and groups by increasing their ability to communicate for a low price.


Reduction in cost*


Increase in efficiency*

*These results are not guaranteed and may be atypical based on your current size and capability.

What is the best voip for small business?

Small businesses need a phone system that provides them with flexibility without breaking the bank. RingLeader is a great solution for Teams and Small Businesses because RingLeader provides all the VoIP features that a small business needs, all for a low monthly cost. From small business VoIP to email faxing, RingLeader has a flexible solution to fit the size of your team. 

What’s a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system?

A cloud-hosted VoIP phone system is a fully-fledged business phone system without the bulky hardware. Instead of having a PBX in your telecom closet, everything is hosted in centralized servers (the cloud). This allows you to take your phone system with you, no matter where you go. Traveling and running your business on the go is now a breeze. Growing and expanding to a larger office? It couldn’t be easier. You can simply add and remove user seats to fit the requirements of your business.

What makes teams successful?

We find that teams are most successful when it’s easy for them to communicate with each other. That’s why we developed the RingLeader mobile app. The RingLeader mobile app is a new solution built specifically for teams, to help them communicate as easily and cheaply as possible.  

Getting started on the RingLeader mobile app is easy, simply sign-up on our website, download the mobile app and invite your users.

Best of all, calling other RingLeader users is completely free! Did we mention that you get 2 free phone numbers? One from USA and one from Mexico or Canada! Now you can travel without having to worry about those pesky international calling fees!

What is email fax?

RingLeader’s email fax service called “RingFax” is the perfect solution for business owners looking to modernize their faxing systems. For a low cost of under $5/month, business owners can use their email inbox to send/receive faxes and finally put that bulky old faxing machine in the trash. 

What’s the best Disaster Recovery solution for my team?

If your team decides to use Carrier-Connect SIP Trunking as your primary phone service, then you can easily use the RingLeader mobile app as a back-up solution. Here’s how it works. If your office loses internet connectivity, then your SIP Trunking service will also go offline since it relies on your internet connection to complete calls. However, you can now simply activate the RingLeader mobile app to access the cloud-backup of your phone system and make and receive phone calls over your 3G/4G/5G internet connection.

If your team decides that the new RingLeader mobile app isn’t the right solution, then you can instead failover to an external phone number, like your mobile phone. This works well for teams without smartphones or for teams looking to failover to someone else’s phone system.

What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that your team or small business needs a phone system that is flexible, can scale with your growth, and doesn’t break the bank. RingLeader Carrier-Connect or the RingLeader mobile app are two solutions that meet that criteria. To know which of these two solutions is the right fit for you, simply figure out if you already own a PBX. If you already own a PBX, then Carrier-Connect will reduce your cost and provide a professional business-class phone system. If you do not already own a PBX then consider the RingLeader mobile app. 


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